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Top 3 Books to read / NOVEMBER 21

  1. THE GREEN IMPERATIVE by Victor Papanek

Whether is horror at plastic littering the world's beaches, or despair at the melting of the polar ice caps, the world is gradually waking up to the impending climate disaster. In The Green Imperative, Papanek argues for design that addresses these issues head on. This means using materials that can be recycled and re-used, no more pointless packaging, thinking about how products make us feel and engage all our senses, putting nature at the heart of design, working at a smaller scale, rejecting aesthetics for their own sake, and thinking before we buy.



Even categorized as "a pipe dream that could never be implemented" by critics, I felt it was a very inspiring read. From rethinking the function of money to total de-carbonisation and a commitment to fairness and social justice, Ann Pettifor shows our planet is in need of a radical and urgent reversal of the current state of the global economy.


3. GREEN VISIONS: GREENSPACE PLANNING AND DESIGN IN NORDIC CITIES Nordic cities are renowned for promoting accessibility to greenspace, both in terms of preserving natural landscapes and establishing green public space in highly developed urban areas.

I thought ‘Green Visions’ demonstrates the historical pathways but also the contemporary development and future outlooks for design and planning of green and recreational cities in the Nordic regions.

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